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Moss Lane Bees are based in rural North Shropshire near the border between England and Wales. With an abundance of fruit trees, hedgerows, and crop fields its an ideal location for our bees to flourish…

We constantly strive to improve our stock and do our utmost to eradicate some of the undesirable Honeybee traits such as prolific swarming and general bad attitude. No Bee behaves perfectly…but we believe our stocks are amongst the best when it comes to Temperament, Honey Production and Over-Wintering.

First & foremost we are Hobby Beekeepers…so please don’t confuse us with our commercial counterparts…our priorities are the welfare of our Honeybees rather than commercial gains.  Our bees are best described as “Pampered”, with clean, well managed hives that are regularly inspected.

Bees for Sale

We can occasionally offer Bees for sale…this is heavily dependant on our Shropshire  weather conditions during the beekeeping season. Over-Wintered Nucs are sometimes available in April and Spring Nucs are usually available from Mid-May onwards…

To find out more see our Nucs & Bees page.

Welcome to Moss Lane Bees

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